Why choosing us

Why choosing us

As a local firm, we are highly focused developing high quality buildings, apartments, villas and houses. Choosing a local firm is the best investment you ever did. The culture of the mediterrenean island is pluralistic, based on small friendly communities. Dealing with us offers you a real friendship and mutual trust helping you on every step.

The top 9 reasons why to choose us

1. Client satisfaction
It’s top of our list for a reason. A high proportion of our new clients come from referrals from our existing clients. For us is not only a buy sell transaction but a long-term relationship.

2. A reputation for excellence
When choosing an oversea home it is important that the relationship is based on trust and expertise. We strive to provide homes of the highest standard.

3. Our experienced team
D.G.Acme home solutions has 6 partners(companies)  and a team of skilled subcontractors and qualified staff, bringing together a wealth of talent and experience. We invest heavily in the training and development of our people and equip them with skills and   knowledge needed to add an extra quality.

 4. Your trusted advisor
We are independent and not governed by a large corporate entity, which means we can get much closer to our clients, building strong relationships and responding quickly to their individual needs. Your dedicated partner or manager will be on hand to support you and keep you up to date with progress at every stage of our work.

.5. Value for money
Feedback from our clients is that they are delighted by the excellent value of our houses.  We are achieving this cause we know how much to buy the land, we spend minimal amount on advertise and do not use prestigious and expensive offices. By  reducing our costs we are able to provide the quality homes in the top areas.

6.Legal Advices

Providing legal informations  and  helping you  through  bureaucratic procedures.

7. Keeping your finger on the pulse
Throughout the year we keep our clients updated with regular email news updates, various research reports and via our website, which is updated daily. This means you can easily stay inform of industry developments and opportunities.

8 .We don’t have any hidden fees!

Unlike some agencies, we’re transparent about all the costs to you upfront! We don’t try to hide any nasty shocks that you’ll get later on. We analyse what you need and we break down the costs.

9.We care about you .


At the end of the day, we’re here to make you happy! We analyse any situation before starting to make sure that what we deliver is exactly what you want. We also keep in contact with you through every step of the way and listen, listening to your feedback and making changes when required.

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