Cyprus Advantages



  • Ability to obtain permanent residence permit in Cyprus for all immediate family members (husband, wife and     children under the age of 25 years) in just two      months.

  • Permanent residence is for life and does not have to      be renewed.

  • There is no minimum or maximum number of days required to keep the permanent residency

  • You can apply for the Cypriot citizenship (EU) in case of actual residence in Cyprus for a period of 5 consecutive years

  • Maintenance and municipal expenses and property taxes     do not exceed one thousand Euros a whole in the year

  • Hospitable and friendly people that mostly speak     English (more than 90%)

  • All beaches are public throughout the country

  • Lowest crime level in Europe

  • Easy to transport and close distances between cities

  • Mild climate throughout the year

  •  Short distance between Cyprus and the Middle East

  •   Daily flights from Larnaca airport

  •   A member of the European Union and the Euro is the official currency since 2007

  • The Permanent Residential Permit is accepted by Denmark, Ireland, Slovenia and Latvia without obtaining a visa and you can obtain an annual Schengen visa in less than 10 days from the Embassy of Greece in Cyprus, which allows mobility in Europe

  • Cyprus allows Schengen visa holders to enter the country without the need to issue a new visa

  • Issuing a visa to visit Cyprus does not take more than 5 working days

  •  Cyprus population is 840,000 people, and tourism is one of the most important sources of income (3,5 million tourists a year)

  •  The recent discovery of natural gas is expected to lead to a 200% increase in GDP annually

  • The land is Freehold and the ownership is forever

  • Buy properties with 5,500,000 EUROs in Cyprus and get an EU Passport

  • Buy a property in Cyprus with 300,000 EUROs + VAT and     get a permanent residential permit in Cyprus



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